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DRJ Environmental Ltd have over 15 years experience within the Asbestos industry and can  enable clients to fulfil their legal obligations and maintain business objectives.

Why get a survey?
Failure to perform adequate risk assessment when it comes to work being done on or around asbestos-containing materials can result in harsh fines from the court.
Management Survey
The survey is designed to ensure no one disturbs the asbestos-containing material accidentally, and no harm comes to anyone due to the presence of the asbestos.
Demolition Survey
This aims to ensure no one will be harmed by work on asbestos-containing materials and the work required will be done by the right contractor, in the correct way.
Chrysotile asbestos
This was the most commonly used type of asbestos and is also sometimes known as white asbestos due to its appearance.
Amosite asbestos
Alongside Crocidolite asbestos, Amosite was banned in 1985 in the UK, but prior to this it was commonly used in a range of applications.
Crocidolite asbestos
Crocidolite asbestos was one of the first groups of the mineral to be banned here in the UK back in 1985.


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Where is asbestos typically found?

Although asbestos has been completely banned across the UK since 1999, buildings built before the year 2000 may still have asbestos present due to its popularity in general construction.

Not only incredibly versatile and durable, asbestos was also affordable making it an incredibly popular material, and therefore used in a range of applications.

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    We have a comprehensive range of services to assist duty holders and those with responsibilities for working with or managing asbestos, achieve full compliance.

    15 years experience within the Asbestos industry and can enable clients to fulfil their legal obligations and maintain business objectives.
    Extensive historic buildings experience
    Our comprehensive consultancy service helps commercial, industrial and domestic sector clients meet their legal asbestos compliance with certainty and assuredness.